Environmental Safety is paramount in our operation!

All of the water used at Joe’s operation is filtered at 5 microns per unit with state of the art, Pur water filtration system to eliminate impurities when it touches your car and give you the cleanest and safest wash.

We also have a reclaim water system in which we save on water consumption and keep any chemicals out of the sewers.

All of the cleaning detergents and conditioners and waxes used in our wash are safe and approved for the environment.

The PurWater Succession Self Purifying Filtration Technology is a totally physical process that eliminates the need and ongoing expense of antiquated bag or disposable filters while providing the operator with a consistent production of optimum engineered certified 5 micron product water for his or her specific wash application.


Water Saved using reclaim sysytem

Certified micron quality wash water

Water filtration & elimination of odor